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Introducing the SAB fence system to Kenya
The sab fence system is a tamper proof, anti cut anti climb fence, with a set of sensors to detect and report intrusions into your property combined with other security options such as alarms, CCTV and guard patrols

Novelty Features

  1. Easy installation to small and medium sites linked to alarm systems
  2. Multiple sensing and detection abilities
  3. Transducers are fully encapsulated-IP67
  4. Decentralization of detection and analysis_CPU in each sensors
  5. Active mechanical self test using coin vibrator
  6. Build-in-temperature/fire detector
  7. Smart Patrol" Magnetic based advanced patrol documentation system
  8. Built in magnetic sensor for passage way
  9. Easy interference either with PC/Laptop or off the shelf alarm systems using sabra hub
  10. Affordable

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